Your Investment – INR 10 Lacs

Preferred Location – 3 rooms within a hospital or nursing home or 1000 sqft space within 5 min distance of a Hospital.

Potential Profit – INR 2.5 Lacs to INR 10 Lacs/Month– from 12th month ( location & lead conversion dependent)

Your Own Brand Name option-Yes. Exit Resale Option – Yes.

Recovery of initial INR 10 lacs investment – by 1 year.

1) We will help you from A to Z to start and run your business.

2) All you need is 3 rented rooms in nursing home or hospital or 1000 sq.ft space with interiors done. .
Fix the date for inauguration / pooja.
Either you run the center or hire a centre head. You can run the business in your name or Anagen brand name as per the fees paid.

3) You pay a fee of INR 7.5 lakhs +18% gst) (EMI available at 0% interest, 6% processing fee)


a) Location,Lead or enquiry conversion ability of your center head..

b) Ethical ,quality and safe care provided to your clients as per our guidelines.

c) Your technical team and sales team should be in touch with Anagen head office technical & sales team with online reports .

( Only if you can deliver the above, you should venture into this project )

Anagen Clinics Pvt Ltd will provide the following:

1: We will advertise for you . Business converted will depend on your teams conversion ability and location . More you convert, more we advertise.less you convert, less we advertise.
You will further get business from your existing patient referrals and your own advertising per month as below-

Profitability before tax in hair restoration services, is approx. 70%.
Your projected net profit before tax is as follows –

1) Rs 1-3 lacs per month from 4-6 month of inauguration

2) Rs 2-3 lacs per month from 6-9 month

3) Rs 2.5-5 lacs per month from 10-12 month

4) Rs 2.5-10 lacs per month from from first year

2: All hair transplant instruments and minor operation theater instruments above will be delivered to your center directly, we will pay for the same..

3: We will recruit and train ,Center Head,Doctor, Technician (for the first 6 months- Doctor & technician will be provided on case to case basis to reduce monthly expenses)..

4: Our digital marketing team will make your website, YouTube channel ,Face book ,Twitter,Instagram etc

5: We will finalize with your input …Right business model to beat the competition. brand name , color ,look , feel,clinic flow chart .
6: We are among the top 5 clinics of India, we will transfer our Expertise, Technical know how for you to deliver the HIGH QUALITY service to your clients.

7. Branding , Marketing, Celeb endorsement ( with nominal fee) ,technology up gradation will be provided by us. Basic IT automation will be provided by us.

Steps to start your hair transplant centre–

1. Approval of Eligibility–Your financial status,experience,background check, past business track record,who will manage your centre,location – will decide your eligibility.

2. We both Sign the MOU on stamp paper.

3. You pay the Fees.

4. Within approx 30 days your hair transplant centre is inaugurated.

Talk to our existing know their experience…

Don’t wait further, as competition is increasing in your city.Your competitors near you are also approaching us
Enter the business early & have competitive advantage.